Friday, December 11, 2009

Giving Blood means giving life

Impulse decision of the day: Giving blood.

Yesterday and today have been so stressful and irritating that I decided, on impulse, to donate blood. After having a short but not-so-sweet conversation with someone, I drove pass the hospital and saw the "BLOOD DRIVE" sign. I seriously felt it calling me. I immediately turned in and parked. "Okay, Che' is this what you want to do to get over your stress?" I thought to myself. "Yes" was my immediate answer.

I got out of the car with total confidence ready to break down walls just to have a huge needle poked inside my forearm. Great. No turning back. The registration room was half-full with ever so eager donaters waiting for their turn to get stabbed. Blehh. As soon as I entered the room the true feeling of total impulse began to set in and it made me want to do more than just give blood. Heck, I wanted to fly a fricken a plane. Anything.

Then the high of my implusivity was shot down. I needed an appointment. What? So what did I do? Beg to dear life that they would squeeze me in. Ever hear the phrase: Ask and you shall receive?
Well, hallelujah, I got in.

I scarfed a hearty salad, filled out my information and answered questions about HIV (my answers were NO) and waited for nearly an hour before I got called in.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Then my name was called and I felt like I was on top of the world. Yeah, really. Don't laugh. Iron levels were great and no allergic reactions to anything and I was good to go. As I lay on the hard-cushioned bed and rest my head on the yellow canvas they called a pillow, all excitement rushed through my bones. I was going to give blood. I was going to get rid of this stress and save a life!

As soon as the needle touched my skin and began to work its way into my arm, I began to feel so much better. Now, you might think that I'm weird and need help because I love the feeling of needles...but that's not the case. It just doesn't hurt. Period.

Ten minutes later I was a girl with one pint less of blood in her body. Not to mention...a little less stressed. And a life can be saved. :)

Give blood and save a life.
And sometimes, not everything you do on impulse will leave your guilty.


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