Wednesday, March 17, 2010

back to reality

well, here i am again: sitting on my office-like chair swiveling it around and around trying to think of something to write. then a light bulb dings over my head and i remember my week long vacation in dallas. duhh.

so here are all the high lights of my trip, in no particular order. enjoy.

first time- the american airlines center, which sits right off of highway 75 and victory lane, was packed with eager fans waiting to catch a glimpse of the mayer himself. no misspelled words there, of course i am talking about Mayer, John Mayer. yes, the musician that sometimes let his press interviews speak for himself, rather than his swooning lyrics that always wins a girl over. fans lined up, geared up and even dressed up for this event. by the look on all the multiple array of faces, it looked as if i was the only person there who was experiencing something for the very first time.

as soon as the door opened up to 14,000 mayer fans, anticipation filled the atmosphere...and my gut (you know, butterflies?). there were the typical teenage fans holding signs that said: "I LOVE YOU JOHN MAYER!" and "CAN YOU SING VULTURES". then you had those crazy die hards with signs saying: "CAN I LICK YOUR FACE". haha, yes, it's true. but as i walked and walked and walked to find my section, with a red-bull in one hand and my ticket in the other, i couldn't help but look around and think to myself: i'm really at a john mayer concert.

we finally find our seats and watch everyone do the same. we watch advertisements go around the thin (but huge) t.v. screens that circle the inside of the AA center (which by the way, is home to the Dallas Mavs). we listen to michael franti & spearhead open up with americanized reggae, we enjoy the occasional view of a drunk fool and the look on faces of people who wish they had a better seat. we enjoy the music, the atmosphere, the company of true mayer fans.

then, at 9pm when all the lights go off, you hear only one thing: screaming. well, then you hear a band. then you see a nice looking guy who is dressed well, playing the guitar and singing his heart out. he interacts with his fans, he supports the dallas mavs by wearing a jason kidd jersey...and he sings gravity. by 11:30 it's all over. all 14,000 people are out of the building, no one screaming, no one playing music. but as i walk out of the AA center, only one song is buzzing in my head: heartbreak warfare.

when was the last time you experienced something for the first time?

smooth criminal- who knew coffee could be such a crime? well, in the dallas museum of art, holding a cup (mine's was a steaming hot caramel maccihatto) and walking around the museum will have you encountering a pool of snobby looks and sighs...and a bunch of security guards racing up to you from all angles. no lie.
moral: don't drink coffee when in a museum.

bag of traffic- whether it's on this tiny island i live on or on one of the busiest interstates in america, i officially hate traffic. every bleeding vein and bone in my body will forever hate traffic. alright, enough haterade. but some fool was running away from the cops on I-35 and ends up dying when he crashes his car. sad way to end your life. sad way to cause me to sit in traffic for 2 hours!
moral: leave earlier.

rich and famous- so, without giving away secret locations of celebrities and getting people (friends) in trouble...all i have to say is: I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. someone should expect fan mail in the next 2 months.

bf = best friend- best friend quality time was great. although we pissed each other off everyday, it's great to be able to laugh about it at the end of the night. happy st. patrick's day, tyresa :)

my trip to dallas was amazing. good food, great people, awesome experiences! there is one thing that i vow to do next time i take a trip that far: bring a friend.

see you next time dallas :)


  1. Fo shizzle, next time bring a friend. Love tha blog, Natasha! I swear I remember every phone call I got describing each "event". And btw, fan mail soon?

    Love ya!

  2. You are the friend I will be flying with! Okay? Start saving!!

    And yes, fan mail soon. But I fricken lost the address!