Thursday, March 18, 2010

spring cleaning

Today is just an ordinary day. A perfect 70 degrees outside as a sun ray peaks through my window and warms my skin. I don't have a heavy heart today due to the fact that I finally paid my taxes and got a lot off of my chest earlier (and no, I didn't have to scream into a pillow). When I opened up the window shades earlier this morning, I couldn't help but soak everything in. The green grass in my backyard that sway so gently with the wind. Even the clothes on the line dangle with freedom in the open air. It's a quiet day. The birds are chirping, conversing with each other; and if they could, they would blog about this beautiful day too.

I watch how my over-grown backyard yearns for water, yearns for a cut. My observant eye discovers ever growing vines gripping onto a fence. I watch a chameleon jump from brick to brick, branch to branch changing it's physical appearance on every surface it graces. It's funny how the birds pick through every inch of grass to find what it needs to sustain life. Of all yards to pick, they pick my over-grown grass.

As I notice all of my surroundings and the beauty of it all, it leads me to one thing: change. I watched how the bird had a hard time finding it's way through the overbearing sea of grass just to find food and it reminded me of how my life can be. So many times, I carry the weight of so many burdens and so many things that I end up miserable, and it causes me to not be able to love correctly or even be a good friend. Just like the bird, picking and finding a way through the grass, I find myself not organized and having to look and look and search through a bunch of mess that I try to clean up myself. Just like the chameleon changing its appearance on every surface it touches, I too need to change constantly. I cannot and will not stay mundane and complacent. I will not be like the vines growing up-ward only to wrap and grow itself in, well, itself. I want to be a vine that grows on something that bear fruit and reap a harvest. I want to be like the pieces of clothing on the clothesline, dangling and swaying in freedom, soaking up every inch of warmth. Just like the tweets of the birds, when I speak I want my voice to carry truth and hold life. I want my voice to release power and encouragement to people. I want change. I need change.
Afterall, today is no longer just an ordinary day...

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