Friday, April 23, 2010

looooovee's finest.

Hello all! Today is a beautiful day! The sky is splashed with a perfect color of blue and the sun and wind are friends today: they let each other have turns. Which means: the weather is perfect. I'm eating grapes and a bagel with lots of cream cheese and listening to my blog's playlist and just absolutely loving life.
I have finally come back to the place where I can be comfortable in my own skin. I can finally breathe and understand everything that has recently been happening in my life. I love it but I want more. I've seriously fallen more in love with Jesus than I ever had before in my life. He's amazing. For the past couple of months I've felt so condemned and have been going through the motions just to live up to the hype...but no longer.

Jesus' love never fails.

Forget my grammatical errors in this one cause this is my heart.

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