Tuesday, April 27, 2010

only from the heart.

the moon has risen, the sun has fallen
this night is a beautiful night:
the sky is magnificent
and ready to be indulged.
what more can i ask for?
what more should i ask for?
i want to ask for love.
innate love. the kind of love that never simmers down,
especially on a night like this.
the kind of love that doesn't fade with the iniquities
of this world.
that's the kind of love i want.
love that makes you yearn
love that makes you better.
i want love, like the moon:
it may diminish on my side of the world,
but on yours, it's still alive.
and when my sun sets,
you push the love back to my side of life.
forget my grammar. forget my mistakes.
forget my heartbreak years ago,
and remember this night...
remember this moon, remember its light
remember it right.
i want love.


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