Wednesday, May 26, 2010

what's new.

hello everyone!
i haven't been on here for a while! what a prude. anyways, i thought i'd give the low-down on what's going on with me. sounds good, eh? so. hmm? what shall we talk about first? ooh, i know! i know! how about my trip to o'ahu? okay!

dun. dun. dun. last weekend my family and i took a weekend trip over to o'ahu for my cousin's wedding and a much needed (mini) vacation. we did some shopping and it was great. i found some really cute pieces on the clearance racks in old navy (one of my fave stores) and ross. to be honest, i wish i could have shopped at a thrift shop. but, i'm happy with what i got (thanks mum and pop). the wedding was great. not extravagant, but pretty and simple. i also had lots and lots of laughs with my cousins...and it's what i needed. i can't wait till our next trip!

now i'm back on kaua'i and in 2 days i leave for another island: maui. i'm pretty much stoked. our church is going for kings cathedrals and chapels 30-year anniversary. we're also participating in a ho'ike and we're performing 2 songs. it's a great thing to be apart of! God is definitely getting all the glory in this...afterall, He is the great I am. i'll have an update of this trip later on.

so, i haven't blogged in a bit and i haven't been posting up my weekly "artist of the week" so please go and search, buy, download: Erik Hassle. i'll let his music write for me.

okay, i love you all. God is good. good night. be blessed!


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