Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the last song

so tonight is FAMILY date night at home! i haven't really spent much time with my mom and dad lately; and we live under the same roof! and yes, i still live with my parents...and, no it doesn't mean i'm a bum and not independent. family dates are a regular thing and we usually do it after church on a sunday afternoon, but since one of my favorite movies The Last Song came out today we decided to have a (much-needed) family date :)

my dad thinks it's all about dating and an unrealistic love story, but it's more about a relationship between a father and a daughter and the love the makes everything so beautiful. we'll see if my dad is rolled up in a ball crying his eyes out at the end of the movie. tsk tsk! maybe, maybe not. well, i'll blog about the outcome later....

in conclusion...i hope all of you make it a point to go out and hang with the fam bam whether you all live together or miles apart. family is very important :)

have any of you seen the movie? what did y'all think about it? let me know!

keep it classy!

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