Wednesday, August 11, 2010

quiet time

So, for the past month or so I have been itching to redecorate my bedroom. I'm slowly, but surely, buying most of the items that I need. When I say slowly, I mean very slow. Hehe. Just thought I'd share a few ideas on how I'd like my room to look like.

I absolutely love the whole vintage and rustic looks. You know, the browns with the whites with a little bit of black and gray everywhere. Where is my personal interior designer when I need one? Seriously. I'm glad Kaua'i has some great thrift stores around here because I've been finding most things there. I'm also taking a trip next month to Honolulu and they have some great things there, so my eyes will be wandering like a mad man trying to find good deals.

Here are a few things that I still need:
1. A nice vintage dresser. Not too big, not too small. White, preferably.
2. Picture frames. Enough to make you go crazy.
3. Artwork. I started painting a few weeks ago, so some of my (not so fab) artwork will make a debut at Museum of Che'. Ha! I also thrifted a few pieces too, so that's a plus.
4. Window curtains. I learned that if you make them a little wider than the actual window frame, it'll create more of a "picture window" look (especially if, like me, you have a smaller bedroom).
5. Area rug.
6. Mirrors. 2, maybe 3. It'll help make my room seem a little bigger.
7. More pillows. 3 is NOT enough for me the "cuddler". Pillows now days are so expensive. Ugh.
8. A day bed. I currently have a king size bed and it's comfortable and I've fallen head-over-heels for it, but I literally have to cross the gulf of Mexico to get to the other end of my room. If I just confused you, I meant: it's too big for my room. So I figured a day-bed would go great in my room!
9. If I can't get a day-bed, I want to possibly get a bed frame to lift my bed off the floor. Or how about a queen size bed? Or...maybe a bigger room? Hahahahahaha. I just amused myself. (Sorry, it's late and I should be sleeping right now not blogging. I apologize.)
10. A vanity or writing desk. Either or would be great.
11. Acrylic paint. Anyone have any they'd like to donate? I'm being serious. I'll pay for shipping and a coffee :)

Well, ladies and gents this is a serious short-term goal that I am determined to finish by the end of the year. Yes, I know you're thinking "the end of the year?" well, yes. December will be here in no time, so...the end of the year it'll be (or Jan/Feb)?

So, besides all this decor talk, I love you all.
Thanks for being loyal followers of my somewhat lame blog. LOL (yes, I just said "LOL")

Keep it classy!


  1. Let see... I have.... nothing to to give to you.. Although you can take a look in my room to see if there's anything you could use. You remember my room don't yoy? Everything is black, dark, and somehwhat... well you know.

    Let me know and I'll help.

  2. See. We would make PERFECT roomies. :)