Thursday, September 2, 2010

side job

i had a little meeting last night with two dear friends of mine who are putting on a play/show for our church. it's called "Hotter Than Hell" and, although I can't really say what it's about yet, it's a GREAT show. one thing i can say about it is that there will be 2 live shows on oct. 29 and oct. 31. YAY!

i said all of that to say this: i'm the wardrobe stylist! yes, i'm totally excited! i get to dress over 15 people (may not seem like a lot) as celebrities. yes, i get to make someone into kurt cobain and justin bieber...even ELVIS! i'm so excited to let my chops flow and make everyone look GREAT! wooo hoo!

well. there's the news for today. i'm catching a plane to honolulu tonight! YAY!

love you all.

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