Wednesday, October 20, 2010

black and blue

g'day dear friends of mine! i have been dying to display these sandals for all your pretty eyes to see! here's the story of how these kicks ended up on my feet: i was shopping at nordstrom and just so happen to pass a "sale" shoe rack. my eyes found these and knew immediately that these would be packed so nicely in my suitcase. i carried them around with me through the store contemplating "need" and "want" frying my brain with careless thoughts. and i wore these comfy lovelies on the plane. now i'm crazy worried that they'll get dirty if i wear them outside of my house. great, another thing to get over. . .lol

i love this entire outfit. it's so comfortable and a little birdie told me that cardigans can change an entire outfit. hm? and anyways, it's fall so i can use my cardigan if i want to. not like hawai'i has an actual "fall season"! i'll just pretend i'm back in dallas, texas rocking this outfit on a cool temp of 56. or i can just make like i'm already unpacked in california (3 more months!)

anyways, i'm having a pretty great week so far. i'm running around like a mad woman trying to get everything organized for an event my church is putting together. it's called "pumpkin patch" and it's for kids. we give out lots of candy and they get to dress up in whatever they want! this is my 5th year doing it and let me tell you, it gets better and bigger every year. the only difference is that this year, i'm in charge of putting it on. . .and pulling it off! but, i know that God is good and He makes everything better!

lately i've been challenging (well trying to) myself to do new things; things i hardly or never do. so what do i do? i go to a gubernatorial debate. you might think boring but it was very educating to say the least. i'm not really into politics, all i know are the simple things haha. it's so funny because my sister and i encouraged our parents to go and they actually showed up!

cardigan: du jour (gift from my grandma)
dress: target
necklace: gift from my best friend
shoes: MIA - nordstrom

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