Sunday, October 17, 2010

a fine frenzy

Most people don't know this about me: somewhere deep in my heart, there's a space for '70s rock music.
My favorite music: i love almost every genre of music but my favorite has got to be jazz. hands down.
Random: i'm claustrophobic.
I collect: weird looking vintage knick-knacks from thrift shops.
Favorite song right now: ashes and wine by a fine frenzy
Favorite quote: (one of my faves) "the proof of desire is in the pursuit." - joel stockstill
If you could trade places with anyone it would be: haley james scott, one tree hill
90210 or Gossip girl?: old school 90210. i liked GG for a while but it's getting too raunchy for me!
The happiest moment in life: gahh, i have way too many of those!
It's Cheesy, but I like: ...i love to stay home and read :) i'm a homebody.
The one food I could eat forever is: hamburger patties with mushrooms!
My secret celebrity crush is: james lafferty. i'm a serious one tree hill junkie.
I'm addicted to: spam musubis
My favorite actress is: kristen stewart. . .but i love drew barrymore
If I were an animal, I'd be: a bird
The one thing I spend too much money on: things i don't need. thanks, wal-mart.
I wish I could Splurge on: a car. i'm very serious.
I'm disappointed about: my sunburn.


  1. i adore a fine frenzy! these are my other favorites i think youll love them too!:

    rachel yamagata
    lykkie li
    regina spektor
    cat power
    pricilla ahn

  2. oh yes. i love lykke li! and sia...i'm going to take a listen to the other ones! thanks chan!