Tuesday, October 5, 2010

kick drum heart

i wonder when all what’s supposed to be, will become.
my heart sits content, but we’re all ill with want
sick for more. letting life cough up happy moments.
i think they call that lovesick…
but like my previous post, i don’t want mediocre love
or mundane love…and i definitely don’t want hollywood hot-pink love.
last time i checked, mediocre didn’t take risks,
mundane never changed or grew with time; it stayed the same.
and well, hollywood never lasts. fame never does.
but in all seriousness, i’m not like puking-lovesick over someone
i think it’s because i know that God’s hand is totally and completely over my love life
and i love it like that. because if i wrote my own love story…
well, i’d end up marrying something close to mediocre.

i don’t even know what i’m trying to tell you all…
all i know is that love is on its way and i’m ready.
no, it’s not selfish for me to think that.

like the avett brothers said:
my my heart like a kick drum
my my love like a voice
i won’t look back anymore
i left the people that do
it’s not the chase that I love
it's me following you…

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