Sunday, October 17, 2010

life of a sunday

so i really should slap myself silly because i had a great weekend and didn't take any pictures. so sad! to be honest, sometimes i hate carrying around my nikon. . .i know, i should stop complaining. i really need to invest in a small digital camera, that would be better.

i did some campaigning for aiona + finnegan in kapa'a and that was a blast. canvassed most of kapa'a town for our annual pumpkin patch celebration and that was great too. finished the day off with a subway and church service in hanalei. . .that was gorgeous (insert slap to the head for not bringing the camera).
today is a typical sunday: church, beach, church. i love it like that! my cutie little god-daughter called me after church and asked me "aunty che', can i please hang out with you today?" how do you deny a 3-year old? so we're packing her up with us and we're shipping out to the beach. most of the fam will be there and i'm pretty stoked. plus too, it's soo hot today.

i'll be posting up some pics of today in the next few days. the next two weeks are going to be very busy. . .so if it seems like i'm gone, i'm only gone for now. keep it classy kiddos!

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