Sunday, October 17, 2010

the sun got it's way with me

i actually contemplated not going to the beach today because i have soo many things to do before wednesday. but, the heat got to me and there i was, being lazy on a white sandy beach in hawai'i. life is grand! if you've read my previous post, this is a typical sunday. the beach was definitely what i needed today. . . so i'm not really going to write a lot tonight. i'm tired and the sun really got it's way with me: it drained me. enjoy a couple of pics. as you can see, i caught some waves and pretended i was apart of boogie nation. might as well, since the raiders lost :( boo hoo!

i'm really going to miss the beach when i move.

anyways, tomorrow is going to be jammed packed with running around half of kaua'i sticking up flyers in businesses and shops to promote my church's annual pumpkin patch party. greeeaatttt.

{photo credits: by: delissa nobriga. 1. my girly cousins / 2. my god-daughter makylah}

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