Monday, October 25, 2010

the trick is to keep breathing

This weekend was a blast! The event that my church put on was a success and to be apart of it was awesome. The pictures are from the ending of the night, so my costume and hair and makeup were pretty much at the end of it's rope. Someone took a pic of our group earlier in the night so I'm on a manhunt for that pic; will post when it comes available.

A few of us figured it best to be back in the 80's. My personal favorite time era has got to be the 1940's, but I'm an 80's baby so why not?! Anyways, my sister and everyone else went with all the color schemes from 20 something years ago: bright pink, greens, oranges, blues. While I (somehow) became this emo-rocker chick! It was so funny because my costume was created within 30 mins. before I had to show up to the event. I cut some gloves thanks to my dad's Calvin Klein dress socks, threw some black skinnies on, threw on this amazingly comfortable red shirt and teased the heck out of my hair...and voila! I swear, I was the Hawaiian "bigger" version of Pat Benatar, well I'd like to think so, haha.

By the time the event had finished, I was ready to kick my shoes off, put on comfortable sleep wear, brush my teeth and sleep for an entire day! But, we ended up going to a late dinner at my cousin's house and watched UFC 121 (yes, I'm an avid UFC fan). Didn't get home till 2am! Anyways, this was just one of two events that have totally consumed me for the month of October...and I'm so ready to kick butt in the next event. I think I overused the word event. Sorry, guys.

Alright, enough with "events"...this Sunday I did my usual: beach! It was seriously an "off" day for me. I was so unstable and unbalanced in everything! In all actuality I was just really really tired, but I wanted to relax after church and I knew that the wind that NEVER blows through my house would not provide me relaxation. So, there we were, on the same white sandy beach we're always at on a Sunday.

It was pretty crazy because I got hurt so much while trying to catch some waves. As embarrassing as it is, I went to catch a wave on the boogie board and ended up moving in too late and got caught right in the lip of the wave right where it was breaking. Yeah, um...I ended up getting knocked in the back of my ear really bad and it sidelined me to the beach for a few minutes. Then! I tried it again and made the same mistake, got bowled over on the shore and got hit in the head and when I stood up there was the board planting itself on my jaw. Such a vicious cycle...and board. Well, enough of my blabber because I had fun! Nothing like battle wounds to tell ageless stories :)

I'll be back to blogging in a few days. This week is filled up with dress rehearsal for Hotter Than Hell and production starts on Thursday! Ahhhhh...I need to breathe.

Keep it classy kiddos!

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