Tuesday, October 12, 2010

tuesday thoughts II

tuesday thoughts. hm? glass of my favorite juice in my favorite jar with a few slices of nectarines? i think yes! this is my alcoholic drink: non-alcoholic fruit juice that makes my day better. it's sooo good.

only 3 days of the week has made it's debut and so far...so good. i've been getting a lot of stuff done, well, sort of. now that i think about it, there are so many things i need to do before i make my huge move! anyone need a toy box? books? i think i'm going to make a garage sale before i leave. sounds like a plan.

other than my moving to the bay area, i've been busy with the production/play that i'm in. we've been having practices 4 nights a week and things are going great. we're getting closer to the finish product and i'm happy! it's been fun "blocking" (production term for 'creating stage performance) scenes and putting wardrobe pieces together. the long nights are totally worth it, and knowing every single move to "thriller" is kind of liberating. who knew i would be dancing? haha.

another thing that makes life swell is my dad. today is his birthday and he would be soo mad if i announced how (young) old he is. but besides all of that, he's the best and i'd like to wish him the best birthday ever! love you dad :)

anyways, i'm going to drink the rest of this sweet drink and enjoy my sweet day! hope everyone is having a day as great as mines.

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