Wednesday, October 6, 2010


If music be the food of love then Michael Grubbs, creative front-man of Wakey!Wakey!, is a hearty meal done right for a hungry soul. Wakey!Wakey!, the Brooklyn based indie rock band, leave it’s listeners coming back for more. In their first full-length album “Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You”, the rhythms mesh in pure perfection with their far from mundane lyrics.

Grubbs, who formed the band a few years back, paints his emotions over a canvas of innate piano skills, a lightly-lit violin, strings and a heavy dose of drums. He takes the ups and downs of life and writes love stories that pull and tear at our heartstrings. While he slaps around the piano and leaves us with his (almost) haunting vocals, he wears his heart on his sleeve in total reckless abandonment.

He has said in many interviews that “this album is essentially a love letter.” Well, indeed it is! In his heartfelt ballads such as “Car Crash”, “Brooklyn” and “Dance So Good”, his honesty and selflessness is portrayed so beautifully. I mean, in “Brooklyn”, he says, “Just tell me what you want for me to say/And if it brings you home…”. “Car Crash” metaphorically talks about a relationship that didn’t end well, but he being stuck in the car while she got out was chivalry made in a haunting way. To lighten up the mood he incorporated his sweet folk with a splash of pop music in his first single “Twenty Two”. It left us all wanting to whistle while we do everyday things. Another light-heart single of his is “Light Outside” and it definitely makes him a keeper. Almost all of his songs were featured on the popular TV drama One Tree Hill, which partly made him famous.

After spending the entire week drowning my ears with Wakey!Wakey!, I’ve come to the conclusion that great music is almost always found on ‘accident’. Accident or not, they leave me in sweet disposition. They are definitely something to ponder on.

Written by Che’Lyssa McCarthy for The Attic Find in July 2010

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