Thursday, October 21, 2010

wherever you are

happy thursday everyone! today has been a slow one...very slow. it's 3pm and it feels as if the clock has been ticking for ages at 3:00. i must say though, today is breezy with a few clouds up in the sky. why have i been in the house the entire day is the question of the day. if you've been reading my previous posts, it's obvious that i've been crazy busy for the past 2 weeks and will be for the next week and a half, so to lift burdens i will not repeat it...again.

switching gears, one thing i've noticed is that i haven't written anything for the past 3-4 days. when i say "write" i mean actual jotting down of soul's desires and heart's wants on a tangible piece of paper instead of my blog. of course, in my personal journal i don't reiterate what i had for breakfast and paste a pic of my outfit...gahh, i need a coffee. so with that i said, i'll share a little with all of you of some specific things that have definitely been wandering around in my heart.

let's see... #1 lately everything that i've been thinking about is love. "when will it come?", "who will it be?"...all those mundane and usual questions a girl asks herself about the innate feeling we've been birth with. i know that i'll get the love that i write about all the time, but it's time i focus on other things and truly embrace my singleness. because afterall, it says in the bible "he who finds a wife, finds a good thing." well, here's to me being found!

which leads me to order to be found i need to be in the right place: physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally. i've been thinking a lot about the physical place of where i'm at and i'm pretty emotionally and mentally stable (or so i think). the spiritual side of things definitely need to be taken to a higher level, because in all actuality, if my relationship with God doesn't get stronger...then goodbye to all my other current well-beings.

next on the list #3... worrying makes you look older. i worry too much and end up cramping my own style (lame). time to make a tall order of organization and proper prioritization. so crazy because those are two seriously big words that start with some serious simplicity. ahhh, the simple things in life. . .DOES NOT INCLUDE WORRYING. "find your rest in me..." matthew 11:29

so in conclusion to my little rant/thoughts, tomorrow is a brighter day and my mood will probably change. today may be a slow day, but my mind is laced with the thoughts of my heart. well, i just want all of you to remember that you are beautiful and you have a purpose in this life that was designed specifically for you! chase after God and He'll be there, wherever you are.

i leave you with one of my favorite songs...

keep it classy!

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