Monday, November 15, 2010

Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace

This past week has been a little plain, but sad to say the least. Although I couldn't make it 30 miles north for Andy Irons' memorial service in Hanalei, it was just a somber day on Sunday. Kaua'i (and Hawai'i) sure knew how to honor AI. On Saturday night we had a church service in Hanalei town and just driving through there was bittersweet. All the AI and Lyndie signs were just beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Whilst driving home, we drove slowly pass Ching Young Village and saw 100's gathered in front of a huge screen with AI home videos.

Went to a women's retreat/encounter on Friday night and it was awesome. My friends Dee and Lily and I were the only ones under 25. We ended up squeezing on a queen size bed playing "truth or truth" till 2:30 in the morning. Keep in mind, these girls are married and had a lot to share with me! I'll admit, it was really good advice on marriage, life, kids, and everything Jesus!

Now that the weekend is finally over I sort of feel as if I can finally breathe and move on to the next thing in life. Albeit, I have a lot to do before moving to California: Christmas shopping, tons of birthday parties, work...packing, but I'm ready for it. I'll be totally honest with y'all, I've been getting a little nervous about this move! I'll be washing dishes and start to think about all the things and people I'll miss here on Kauai. Oh yeah, I'm a emotional cry baby, you can take that to the bank! But really, I know it's something that I have (need) to do, and I'm trying to take that huge step off the boat.

As for the photo, I wish I was the one who snapped it. I don't know exactly where this is, but it looks so calm. It's really beautiful. Hence the post name: echoes, silence, patience and grace. Those are a few things I've been experiencing these past few days. The silence and grace have been good. Now for the rest...

Photo credit: Strange Little Girls

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