Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sweet Nostalgia

I was taking a stroll down memory lane a few hours ago and I stumbled upon 3 of my favorite pictures from my childhood. It's so amazing how they're from at least 21 years ago. I was a skinny little Hawaiian girl with uber amounts of hair on my head. The amount of hair I had, and still have, on my head still holds the record in our family. I hope my babies will have lots of hair too!

Hair and happiness = most of my childhood.

The first picture is of my cousin and sister (she has her head popped out). I'm the one in the middle. We still eat dinner in that house and lay on the ground cuddled in blankets while watching a movie on Lifetime. 23 years and nothing's change (well maybe some have).
This next picture is of my cousin Rikki. We are exactly 44 days apart, he being the eldest of us. At one point in our lives, we (parents, siblings and grandparents) all lived in this house! You know, we still have dinners and talks in this house too! Oh, and this is by far my favorite picture of all time. I should go and call him... and tell him I love him.

Last but not least...oh my, I sound like I'm doing a presentation to my 6th grade class. Ha! Anyways, this last pic is of all the "older cousins" of our family. We were the only ones born in the 80's. I remember this trip we took up to Koke'e State Park. Best trip ever!

Well, there is my nostalgia for the month. Thanks for visiting with me. Keep it classy!

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