Tuesday, December 14, 2010

5 Daily Essentials

1. My black cardigan. Smo-ly canolies do I "wear" this thing out. I got it as a gift last year and stuck it in my closet until recently. Now days, it's all I wear. It goes with way too much of my other clothing. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
2. Flower clips. I wear these so much my family started calling me "Neesy". You know, that lady on that cheap home-redo-decorating show? DWTS? Yes. Her. Call me what you want, but flower clips will forever be in-style in my books.
3. Pure Ice Taupe Drawer. I like painting my nails a variety of different colors, but when I get super bored with the palette, I go straight for this lovely color. It's neutral, classy and not too pink for my darker shade of skin. Oh yeah, and it's uber cheap at Wal-Mart. Who doesn't want a good deal?
4. Revlon Double Twist Mascara. My eyelashes practically crawl up my face when I don't have any makeup on, but this mascara make my eyelashes pop out of my eyes. Simply beautiful. Did I mention that I am a huge fan of drugstore cosmetic products?
5. My Hydraulic Skinnies. I'm a big girl and mannn do these skinnies make me look slim. Did I just confess two things: I'm big and I think my jeans make me look good? Well, yes. Yes I did. I have 2 pairs of Hydraulic skinny jeans and I adore them. Big girls can rock skinnies, oh yes we can!

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  1. Love your comments on #5, "Big girls can rock skinnies, oh yes we can!"