Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Everynight is Another Story

I was looking through my photo albums on my computer and I realized that my family, friends and I took a lot of great pictures over the course of 12-months. Here are some of my favorite pictures that were taken during the best (and worst) times of 2010.

This was at my grandma's funeral. She died the day after Christmas '09 and we had her funeral on the 2nd day of the New Year. Yeah, it wasn't the best holiday season last year, but with cousins like these (this was most of her grandchildren) and parents like ours, we came out strong.

Onto happier moments... I went to Dallas in March to visit my best friend and to attend the John Mayer concert in the American Airlines center. The entire trip I was lazy to take pictures (I know!)... but I did get this one? Everyone was leaving the AA. His concert was amazing. Ah-ma-zing!

Friends. Our church put on Easter egg hunts all over the island. Here we are taking a break to take a picture. Tiare (the girl on my right) was just over 3 months pregnant in this picture! Now we get to enjoy her company and baby Reign's!

Aw! Shannon and Ho'anoaiwa's wedding. It was so beautiful. She asked if I could help do her hair, which I have no experience in doing whatsoever, but with a little help from one of our dear friends and bridesmaid, this was the result! Her hair, makeup and dress was simply beautiful!

Haha! I always giggle when I see this pic. My mom and her sister are so cute in their costumes. We had an Easter production at church and we were "townspeople". Fun! Fun! Fun!

My Tina loveys! Our church was celebrating 30 years so a few of us from Kaua'i flew to Maui to celebrate with the rest of the extensions. We had fun at the pastry table. Lots of fun... and cinnamon buns. Yum!

23. This was a great birthday. It was the week before summer officially started. 'twas a great night.

My best friend who is on the end (your right) visited from Dallas and she wanted to go all over the island and re-visit places. Hanalei Bay was beautiful that day. We ended up getting caught in the rain on our paddle board right before the sun came out. Gooooood day!

Riley loves. She's my cousin's daughter and she also attends my daycare. Riley is such a ham! Everyday she comes she tells me "Good morling Ally Che' Che'" AW! I'm going to miss her when I move to California :(

This is the spot we ALWAYS go to after Sunday morning church. All of our parents are great friends and so are we. I love this picture; I remember how beautiful the water was too.

The 2 last pictures were just taken a couple of weeks ago. The first picture is Tutu Lady and the second is the ending of a good night. We were all ready to sleep. And we did... we slept good.

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