Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In Great Spirits

It's Christmastime and I am definitely in spirits. I love me some good-sappy Christmas movies and rainy days (being that it doesn't snow here). Every year, I promise my self that I'll finish my shopping "early", but of course, that is wishful thinking. Here I am, 4 days before the 25th almost down to the wire. Although every year my thinking is wishful, I must say I get better at it as the years go by. I love giving gifts, but I absolutely loathe wrapping them and I am not a huge fan of stuffing it in a gift bag and tossing tissue paper on the top. This year though, I'm sucking it up and putting heartfelt effort into wrapping my gifts. Speaking of which, blogging is currently overtaking my wrapping time slot.

Other than my wrapping "talent", I had a great "weekend-before-Christmas". My Tutu Lady (grandparent in Hawaiian) came for a visit and stayed with us. I had sooo much fun with her! She's originally from Kaua'i so we took her on a ride to her hometown and all the places that she spent her childhood days. It was about a 20 minute drive and there was so much history that came out of her, it's crazy! I learned so many different things about a place that I'm so familiar with. She's 83 and she still can kick it. I love my grandma! I wish my other grandma, who died the day after Christmas last year, was here to spend that day with us.

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  1. Che'lyssa..looks like you all had so much fun! You have a beautiful family! Your blog is really nice too! I am writing a book and considering posting excerpts to display and advertise in the format you have used. Nice job! I also joined you..Did you get a chance to read any of my blogs? Leave a message so I know you have visited..Thanks, love!