Sunday, December 5, 2010

Top Ten.

Welp, here's the weekly top 3 roundup, except this's 10. Only because this week has been an awesome week! It's been great, busy but great.
So here they are in no particular order...

1. Borders Books and Music. Not only did I get almost every gift I needed, but it's my go-to store when I'm bored! This is Kauai's only store ^ ^...and it's only a minute away from my home :)

2. Hall and Oates. I just discovered them, sort of. Couple of nights ago, my dad and I sat by the computer exchanging music. He gave me the rundown on everything from the 60's to now. And Hall and Oates was on our playlist for most of the night! Father-Daughter bonding :)

3. Love this picture of James Lafferty. Don't hate.

4. Taupe Drawer by Pure Ice. So, I've got both of these colors and I absolutely love them. They go with EVERYTHING!!

5. One of my early Christmas gifts from my best friend. She said that even though I never read it, she had to buy it because its so pretty. I agree with her...but, I started reading S&S and it's wonderful!

6. One Tree Hill Season 8 = GOOD STUFF. Loveeeee it.

7. Oatmeal cookies with NO raisins. FOR THE WIN. My sis just made a batch. SO YUMMY!

8. Love this picture :)

9. Hydraulic Jeans are the bomb diggs. Got about 3 pairs in the last 2 weeks. Annndddd they are sooo comfortable!!

10. My mom bought me the Jou-Jou Military jacket I wanted!!!!!!! Haven't found a place to wear it at yet...but just wait and see! :)


  1. you'll have plenty of places when you get to Cali to wear the jacket =)

  2. OMG I love Hydraulic jeans too!! That brand is my fav... I wore my one pair out till I could no more!! Haha. I need to find some new ones asap ;)

  3. Yeah, I wore a couple of pairs too a few months ago! They are so comfy and they last for a good while...

  4. They sure do!! I still havent gotten around to shopping for me though :(( Sad day. I must go soon before the Christmas rush takes them all away!! Hahaha

  5. BTW, how do you post a TWITTER BADGE on your Blog profile???