Friday, January 28, 2011

Almost Near

Happy Friday, lovelies. I am so happy that it is the weekend; it couldn't have come any faster. Although I can't wait to soak in the weekend activities, this week has been a great one! A lot of things for Lily Love has happened (and still happening). The Facebook page has gathered to 62 beautiful people and I am so grateful. I know, I know, tons of blogs out there has anywhere near 500 followers on FB but, they had to past 62 to get there. So, I'm hopeful...and happy.

Speaking of being happy, I'm in total "countdown to California" mode. I'm slowly but surely sorting out through everything in my room and I have sooo much stuff! Since I know that I'll be living there for more than a year, I've decided to bring up (almost) everything. Yikes.

So while I enjoy my weekend trying not to think about packing, I hope you enjoy yours as well. Be back on Monday!

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