Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Order

Well, I'm finally back from my 5-day vacation on O'ahu and I'm happy to be home. I had an amazing time with my family. They are so wonderful; they're the ones that I never get to see because they live on a different island, but this week changed it all.

Spent a lot of time with the cousins. We talked a lot, exchanged stories, learned from each other and laughed enough to make me catch a stomach cramp. Majority of us are girls and all around the same age, so we definitely get along very well. Ringing in 2011 with them was so much fun! We popped fireworks all night long and had the best seat for the aerials that we're shooting up everywhere. When we weren't with the fam all we thought of was food and shopping. Lots of it. We went everywhere. I was surprised to come home with a few extra bucks. That's always a great feeling. I'll be posting some outfit posts later in the week.

Happy New Year!

photo 1- driving on the H3. beautiful highway
photo 2- the girly cousins and their baby girls
photo 3- part of the waikiki strip :)
photo 4- california pizza kitchen
photo 5- hawaii's newest f21. 3 stories of clothes heaven

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