Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Farmer's Market

Yesterday everyone in the house had the day off due to MLK day, so we decided to run some errands in the afternoon and make it in time for the Farmer's Market. It was serious craziness there. Old Filipino ladies (and men too!) running around making sure they get the best okra and watercress in town! I had to fight (not physically lol) for my spot in the line. Sheesh! My sister and I did have a mishap, a merry one, when our paper bag broke and all of our tangerines, limes, lemons and papayas went rolling everywhere! I'm laughing while typing this. Ha ha. Had a great time though. For dinner, my mom (holding those green papayas up there ^) made the best Chicken Papaya soup. It's a family recipe; its too bad I don't cook! Hope you all had a great Monday! xx

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