Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls.

I felt like a kid again on Saturday night. My parents and their friends and their kids, we decided to have dinner at our beach spot. We ate steaks, BBQ ribs, hot dogs, sodas galore and had way too many sand particles in our toes. But it was alright, because we were all happy. That's what I loved about that night. The adults (yep, I'm going to be referring to myself as the "oldest" kid for this post) sat up by the tables to eat while all the kids enjoyed our dinner next to the fire. After I ate I relaxed on the sand and gazed out at the stars. It was beautiful. Sure, some would say that a hot date would've been nice, but the silence and beauty (and view) was awesome to enjoy all by my lonesome. I'm sure I'll relive this night with someone by my side later on in life.

Then we laughed for hours about silly stories, dating (I was in the hot seat of course!), movies and Kawika's prayer for Obama. Ha ha. Twenty-five minutes later, all the parents are practically crashed out on their beach chairs by the fire and all of the kids are running down the huge stretch of beach looking for crabs to catch. Did I mention that I felt like a kid again?


  1. woooooah! I believe I just found myself in tears reading the song 'American Honey' plays. Idk why. Maybe it's because im getting older and realizing that you're moving soon and I'm gonna be a senior. Life goes by way too fast. I too felt like a kid that day :) Love you. and I absolutely love that picture!

  2. Che'Lyssa, You really have talent in writing! Keep it are inspirational, & a fun read...:)!