Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hawaiian Sun

It's Saturday and it's a beautiful day. Got up early today to make a run to the laundry mat. Last week our poor little washer decided to take a little break and literally break. Yeah, it sucks. So, if you're bored on a Saturday morning, you know where to find us. Us being my mom, sis and I. Come to think of it, we actually had fun (no sarcasm there)! We left the house at 630 (gasp) and were amongst the first early birds with baskets of clothing. There is a little bakery next door and just so happen my grandpa stopped by to see us. So wonderful. He bought us pastries and left us with smiles on our faces. Thanks pops!

Got home and realized that it was only 8:30! Now it's lunchtime and everyone in the house is taking an afternoon nap before we go on a movie date (because that's what we do). But nonetheless, this day is gorgeous: sunny and breezy! Here's a pic from our patio. Hope you all are having a great weekend.

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