Monday, January 17, 2011

HBD and Sushi

(isa + me + shaylie + sister -- it was also isabella's birthday)
I had the best day on Saturday. We celebrated my sister's 20th birthday at our favorite beach spot. Everyone came down and made it a grand day for her! Kaua'i has been having flash flood warnings and rain to damper anyone's good mood, but it was exceptionally beautiful with only the sun peeking through beautiful patches of clouds. I have to slap myself for not taking more pictures; we were in the water most of the day.

(Rainbow Roll + Salmon Skin Salad)

After our long day at the beach my parents and I took her to dinner at Sushi Bushido. I've eaten there once about 4 years ago and this time around it was amazing. The dinner was great (we got a rib-eye steak plate on the house), the service was excellent and we got the entire upstairs loft to ourselves. It was fantastic and definitely a great way to end the day. And again, sorry for the lack of pictures, talk about laziness due to a sushi coma.

Happy Monday everyone!

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