Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

We're back. Here are those cute things that I fancied over the week.

1. I love thelane.com but I also love Karissa Fanning's (surfer Mick Fanning's wife) blog. Check it out here. They specialize in weddings, but her blog is awesome stuff.

2. This Irina Shabayeva butterfly print dress. And how about them Loub's? One day. . .

3. Angus and Julia Stone. Brother-Sister folk duo. Awesome music.

4. I am a frame fanatic. (via desiretoinspire)

5. What's not to love? This reminds me of my best friend Chasidy and I.

6. I love everything about this. (via ellelala)

7. I miss my favorite pair of jeans.

8. Watched this movie over the weekend. I love Jesse Eisenberg. (via Manny the Movie Guy)

9. One hot mess (via tumblr)

10. Learning the ivories. (via radaris)

1 comment:

  1. I really LOVE that butterfly dress <3