Friday, January 21, 2011

We Change, We Wait

Happy Friday lovelies. I did some thrift shopping today, actually I went into thrift stores and didn't find anything (just books). I found the cutest friendship book that I'll be sending to Texas so that my best friend can read it. Got a free java kula from SBC, it wasn't even good but free is always good. But that drink was plain gross. It's a wonder why I don't ever drink at SBC. Ugh. Cue gag reflexes.

Onto the next, I've been really inspired lately. I always have these spurts of inspiration and this time it's writing. You know when you find certain sayings or quotes and you feel as if your whole life fits into those 7+ words? Well, I'm there and letting it all process is kind of fun. Writing it all down has been fun...ner? Hilarious. Yeah, same diff.
Cue "heavy-life altering-lecture" post. Stay tuned. . .

And I know this really has nothing to do with this post, but here's my new favorite song...

Have a great weekend.

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