Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back into the Groove

I've been so dry on words for the past few days that I unknowingly and unintentionally jumped ship for five days. Apologies from the bottom of my heart. This week has been a slow and mellow week. Kind of getting back into the groove of life after my new years getaway. It's great to own a a daycare because I get to make my own schedule.

I got a huge surprise on Friday night when my younger sister (we're not related, but she'll be my baby sister forever) came home and showed up at our youth night for church. I was so elated to see her. Simply speechless. She's moved back to Kauai and now it's time for more family dates and laughs to experience with her! My phone did it's duty and took a "not-so-good-quality" picture. Nonetheless, it's a great picture.

This week will definitely be a better week in blogging! Pinky swear. I've got a couple of things lined up, including thrift ideas, eco-friendly DIY projects and outfit posts. Oh, and I just found this picture on the internet and I love it. Life changing. Now I'm off to the beach with the friends and family. xx

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