Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jump in the Waters When They are Raging

 (photo via theclotheshorse)
This week has been one crazy train ride. And it's only Tuesday. I've been so busy running around like a chicken without a head. It aches me is that this is just the beginning of the craziness and what's funny is that none of this current chaos has anything to do with my move to California, which is in a month. Okay, can I have a tall order of "It's okay, you can breathe now."? 
Which brings me to this lovely picture. Even though they're at the shallow end of the pond, they're in there. They are getting their feet wet and because of that, I am immensely drowning myself in the art of this photo. There is recreation and friendship plastered everywhere here, but mostly I see freedom and faith. Yeah, that's the way I see it and it's exactly what I need.
So while I try and take breaths of fresh air tomorrow, I'll be pondering on all of life's quests and desires. And for all of you lovely people (from all around the world, I might add), go ahead, jump in the waters. Jump in it when it's calm AND when it's raging. Have faith! xo

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