Friday, February 25, 2011

Morning, Silly

We had a fun day at Faith Daycare. Cold morning, walks down the driveway and lots of silliness to make us all happy. These kiddies are never-ending stories of laughter and "kissy-faces". I don't have any kids myself, but learning what I learn from owning a daycare, I think I'll be a pretty good mom! One day!
In five minutes of driveway duties, I caught some of the cutest moments; moments I'll miss when I'm on my way to California. Ahhh, I said no tears.  Moving on... We stopped at the bookstore and I picked up "Love Revolution" by Joyce Meyer. My best friend recommended it to me about a year ago and only now I've decided to read it. Plus, Borders had a sale. Why not? So while I read and tend to the (already taking their naps) kiddies, have a wonderful and blessed weekend!


  1. Adorable!!! Lovely pictures you captured too...I hope your way to California is filled with lots of fun adventures!

    Liesl :)

  2. Hey there lovely lady! I am hosting my 3rd Photo Challenge themed VINTAGE. Fun right :] I would LOVE if you participated!
    ~Angel @