Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Music ABC

Welp, the third letter of the alphabet is C, which also happens to be the first letter of my first name. Two facts that you should know, one of them of which you should have already known. Anyways, here's a few artists who are rocking my socks.

Chief - Your Direction
I love everything about the video. I like it when they take you down memory lane, makes the song have so much more depth. And the lyrics? Love that too!

Coldplay - Fix You
This is my absolute favorite song from this group. It's just one of those songs...therefore, I will let the music and lyrics do the talking.

City and Colour - As Much As I Ever Could
Just this past summer my best friend sent me the link to this song and I was instantly captivated. Now days, I tell everyone that Dallas Green is a rocket. He's an image of a heart breaking-guitar strumming-Eric Clapton singing-old soul who wears his heart on his sleeve. He's the Bon Iver of this week.

Chic Gamine - I Don't Lie
AH-MAA-ZING. Vocals so in-tune, it'll give you nose bleed. Quartets are awesome, but a female quartet with tons of soul = goodness to last you a lifetime of happiness. You can read a little review I wrote last year on them, here.

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