Monday, February 14, 2011

Parties and Awards

Had another great weekend. No, was great. We had a birthday party for my cousin and it was major family time. Everyone (including our parents) played volleyball till we laughed our way out of the circle, danced like crazies during Zumba and ate desserts like crazy. It was so wonderful to just spend time with a lot of family peeps who we hardly see. The picture of us girls jumping happened because we were sooo excited (and pooped) that we finished all the baking and cake decorating. It was a true joyous moment! We really didn't care that we're twenty-somethings acting like cutesy little 8-year olds. Did I just say cutesy? Anyways, it was fun and much needed. And this little picture right here is of 'Ilikea (ee-lee-kay-ah; Hawaiian) doing her model pose in her cute outfit. Cutest 3-year old ever.

Oh, and the Grammys. I have five things to say about last night:
1. Cee-Lo Green and Gwyneth killed it. She out sang the artists who were up for awards. Amazing.
2. Mick Jagger in total reckless abandonment. Such a great performance. Like Kanye said "#OGSWAG"
3. Esperanza Spalding deserved it. The underdog usually does.
4. Hello Mumford and Sons. I officially love you.
5. Did everyone (well, not everyone) lose their in-ear monitor forcing them to sing out of tune? Or am I tone deaf? Help.

Anyways, here's to tons of great weekends in the future!

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