Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

And learning makes you smarter...Lately I've been trying to teach myself how to do things I never thought I could. Like sketching. My drawing is equivalent to a 3-year old, so I mustered up every ounce of effort and put my best hand (I'm a righty) forward and sketched. As you can see from my sketches, it's really basic: necklines and cuffs. For the past two nights, I've been sketching the same pieces over and over and I've been getting better at it! Now I need to try and conquer trimmings and adding depth to the drawing.'s sewing classes. 
Sometimes I think that I'm actually crazy, but really I just miss sitting in a class and soaking up everything my teacher needed to tell us. It's time for me to learn some new stuff...hence the cuffs and necklines. Haha... Have a great Wednesday everyone! xo

1 comment:

  1. I wish I had a teacher like that guy with the black board!

    Loved your blog. Hope you keep blogging, as I love every post!