Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Three Things I Love

For today's Three Things, I decided to show you three things that I love that I own that are in my room. It's so funny because it's stuff I like: reading, fashion and writing.

My bookshelf has grown to over 80 books, about 2 years ago I had only about 20 books. Thank God I love thrift shopping and spend no more than $1 on one book. I've got classics, travel books, novels that made me cry and mad at the same time, Bibles and tons of pictures. Oh, and I got that quote on the canvas from my RA back in Dallas. I love that quote!
My closet. Okay, I might not be in "love" with my closet, but I love the fact that I can actually keep it neat! When I was in high school, this part of my room was always closed off and never opened unless I needed to "clean" my room. My, my how times have changed. I may not be overflowing with tons of clothing, but I love what I have. You know what's interesting too? I've had that rocking chair since I was 5-years old...I think my future daughter will love it!
Last but not least, my journal. This I hold near and dear to my heart! It's like my blog, except no one ever gets to read it. Ever. So you are pretty special to be able to see a few pages of it. This year I decided to get a journal without any lines that way I can exercise my creativity. You know, like I can try to draw my feelings instead of only writing them. I love it! My goal is to clean this baby out by the time 2012 comes, since the apocalypse will be coming. Oh wait, I don't believe in any of that crap, I just want to finish it so that when 2012 comes I get to start a new one!

Welcome to my life.


  1. I love all those things, too! I just wish I had a journal, though. Haha

  2. your closet is so tidy! Howww do you do it? :)