Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Three Things I Love

Well, it's another Tuesday and these are the three things that are making me smile!

Bleubird Vintage
You know when you see something that is just so cute and vinatge-y and you can't get enough of it? Well, I've found that here at Bleubird. This cute little family has got me coming back for more! Wrap them up in a bag of vintage goodness, cuteness and family bonding and voila...here they are! Visit the bird clan here.


Amethyst Jewelry
What's not to love? Amethyst is one of my favorite gems and I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these! So pretty!


Mumford and Sons
Oooohhhh my! This group is totally rocking my socks off! It's not only because they're British (because most of you know that I am so prone to reviewing and talking about foreign acts click here, here, here and here to see what I mean), but it's mostly because they have this rocket-power talent. I wanted to buy this on iTunes, but I just had to get the actual album. Lyrics + banjo + accent while singing + sounds great live + scruffiness = my bleeding ears.
Now playing: Timshel and Awake My Soul 
Good, good stuff!

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