Thursday, March 17, 2011

100 Days of Photos (Days 7-10)

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item.

My heart. Yeah, sounds corny, but it's true.

Day 08 - A picture that makes you laugh.
I wanted to find a picture that genuinely made me laugh. A time where I remember so vividly that just thinking about it would make me the person who awkwardly laughs out loud in a room full of strangers. So looking through my photo albums online, I came across this picture of one of my favorite people: my cousin Shandyn. We (both she and I and everyone in the picture) don't really understand what the heck she's doing. Although, this is her normal self. Yep, you best believe I'm laughing out loud while typing this!

Day 09 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.
My parents. I know, sounds cliche' but it's completely true. My dad is the kind of guy that tells me straight and that kind of (brutal but loving) honesty is what made me make some of the best decisions in life. My mom is the same except, I get to cry to her whenever I want and she'll be there taking it all in; being the mom. 
I love them so much! We are so so so close to each other it's crazy! I really take all lessons I learn from their marriage (they'll be married for 28 years in September) and their love for my sister and I then I bottle it up and know that I'll come in good use soon. 

Day 10 - A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with.
I wish this thing would define "messed up" but if it defined it as "laughing-out-loud-and-sucking-helium-out-of-a-balloon" kind of messed up thing (amongst all "other" crazy things we've done), I would pick these group of girls. I'm laughing while I think of the stuff we've done together (get your mind out of the gutter!), because I've always enjoyed their company. I have been friends (and sister & cousin) to these lovelies since middle school. 
Oh, and this particular night was fun too! This was on my 23rd birthday last year. So fun!!


  1. Wow! I love those pictures! I love it when you can be so funny around your friends (who doesn't?)!
    Have a great day!

  2. I like the idea of this challenge. I might have to follow suit :)
    Cute pictures, I love to have my best friend around who I can always be super silly around. And my parents are my saving grace!