Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March

Hello lovelies! It's the 1st of March and I'm excited. The lovely Ashley from After Nine to Five has inspired me to make some goals for this month. So, I'm writing (well, typing) them down that way when April blindsides me, I can see what goals I've finished. Let's hope for the best because I'm the worst at keeping a good pace. I guess that leads to goal number one:

Prioritize and organize: I say this with such thick substance. I really need to get with it and put what's suppose to be first, first. Then breathe. Then move onto the next thing in line. Sometimes I think I'm this superwoman girl who can multi-task the "big" things and the "small" things. Eeep. I can't. I think I need to invest in a big 'ole bulletin board. 

Etsy shop: I need to launch this baby like how Sue Sylvester wanted to cannon ball her cheerleaders for homecoming. Just got home a few hours ago with lots of fabric tucked neatly in my reusable bag. I can't wait to show all of you wonderful people what I've got.

50 followers: As you can see (to the right of your screen) I have 30 followers. I love you all by the way, I really do. Y'all make this heart happy. I would've never thought I'd even break 10 (no, joke). I know 50 is a little far-fetched for 31 days, but I think we can do it. Right?

Personal goals: Eat healthier. Get outside more. Do things I hardly or never do. And... appreciate more.

PS- Don't forget to check out Ashley's blog/shop. Also, make a few goals for yourself and finish them. (I'll be right alongside you finishing mine).


  1. SO excited you joined in on this! :]

    And I love your goals. I'd love to see your shop when you open it. And I love the idea of doing things you hardly ever do.

    Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. I have a feeling your will accomplish all your March goals and good for you for setting them!!!

    Liesl :)

  3. I love setting goals at the beginning of every month!

  4. What wonderful goals! I wish you the best of luck with them. Good luck starting your Etsy shop! You won't regret it.

  5. New follower from the hop!