Saturday, March 12, 2011

Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades

For the past few days, I have been so unintentionally uninspired. If inspiration was the speed of the car I'm driving, flooring my gas pedal wouldn't mean anything. I'm stepping on the 'go' here but nothing is happening. I feel like all my thoughts are trapped in a bottle with the top screwed on too tight. I personally think that creativity and inspiration is a "till-death-do-us-part" kind of thing meaning you'll never loose your "inspiration". Maybe I need to get outside of my house more and look around at all that is set before me. I should take more pictures, paint more and listen to random music. Feel free to submit comments demanding me to do these things...cause we all know that I need a good yelling.

I'm usually not a fan of complaining about everything (especially here on the blog), but I always promise my heart. Please throw a hand grenade and set me free. . .


  1. I totally know how you feel! We all get the that sometimes :) It helps to get out and about, and do something refreshing and fun. For me that's bowling :) Hih, as silly as it sounds!
    xxx mervi

    ps. popping over from the FTLOB comment love day :) you've got such a pretty place here!

  2. Hop in your car and drive. Right now. Look out the window and let your mind wander. Whatever you think about can somehow inspire you! (maybe)
    But then again, gas prices are too high to just take a random drive..

    love the blog! new follower. :) ps. we have the exact same number of followers. JUST thought that was too cool to not point out :)

  3. It's very hard sometimes when you fall in those temporary ruts. I feel the same over the past few days. Just need to give yourself a kick in the toosh! I also put sticky notes with positive reminders around my house. They make me laugh sometimes because they're so simple, so innocent on the wall and I realize what stresses me is honestly not that big of a deal :)

    I love the necklace <3

  4. hey sweet lady!! I know how it feels to be uninspired just stinks!! whenever I am in need of some creative and inspiring ideas I head to the book store and check out the fun magazines and the craft section. Even though half the things in the craft section I can't do I find it helps get my mind thinking about other ideas involving similar ideas :) maybe something like this can help you too?!? xoxo