Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning Pt. 2

 (photo via strangelittlegirls)
It is finally Spring and in my neck of the woods, it's cooler than ever, breezy and it is currently drizzling while I type this. But, despite the rain, it's a beautiful day. The laundry is hanging, the kids are napping and my headaches are gone (I think)...but what really made this day a good one was the motivation I woke up with. Remember my post about me having the "inspiration blues"? Well, I got over that hill and I feel so refreshed. These moments always feel good; they make you feel better. Makes me happy!

In other news, it's amazing how when I was in Maui I constantly thought about the fact that I really need to get in shape and lose all this weight and then I get back and half of the blogging world is doing a detox! Weird but great. I've never really dabbled in the "detox" world, just thinking about it makes me cringe...well maybe that kind of detoxing makes me cringe (the "only water/lemonade" kinds) and the word diet makes me cringe too. So, what do I want to call this? Hm? How about a "lifestyle change"? Okay. Here are the things that I will be doing (and not doing) for the next 30-40 days:
1. Absolutely NO white rice. Here in Hawai'i, that stuff is served with everything. And sadly, it makes me fat. 
2. Ice-cream can melt itself out my freezer. Sorry cookies and cream, you can be my cookie again in a few months.
3. Wake up and smell the flowers. It's so beautiful here on Kaua'i and I'm always stuck up in this dark corner of my living room. So, I tell myself...GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and explore the things God created here.
4. And lastly, if you follow me on Twitter, you would've seen that I said "goodbye" to the social networking sites for the next couple of long weeks. Time to un-glue myself from everyone's "lives" on Facebook (my LL page will still be active). But don't be filled with worry, your lives are wonderful, so I'll still be blogging.

So, all of that and NO bags of chips. Time to eat healthy, live healthy and maintain! 

Happy Spring, lovelies! ♥

PS- You can read Spring Cleaning Pt. 1 here. :)


  1. Ohmigosh! I soooo need to do the same thing! I'll be cheering you on!

  2. I'm also thinking about going on a diet. I've been exercising my ass off, but I still haven't dropped the last 10 pounds of weight that I've gained in college. I'm thinking about starting a diet for the month of April, in which I stop eating fast foods for a month.