Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Three Things I Love: Books

The Dare by Josh Mayo
He was one of the guest speakers at a recent conference I attended and he and his wife were amazing people! I'm currently on day 5 and I'm already learning so much about myself and who I am in God. Here's a little description of the book:
"This book isnt for those who are weakened by challenge, but those who rise because of it. If you want to stay at your same level of relationship with Christ, then walk away. But if youre hungry for a REAL CHANGE, this 30-day-challenge will impact every aspect of your life. It definitely wont be easy, but it will be more than worth it. Will you start to become who Jesus created you to be? I DARE YOU!!!" -Josh Mayo
 By the way- I'm still trying to get a copy of Christa Black's God Loves Ugly. Anyone read that book yet?

Cook This Not That
This book is ah-mazing. Every mouth-watering recipe packed in this almost pocket-sized book is healthy, nutritious and very easy to make. Next recipe I'm about to take on: Avocado Ham breakfast sandwich. 
Get on it people!

P.S.- I Made This...
I love this book! I've skimmed through it and have only made a few things so far, but there are a lot of great crafts that are easy to make. Being that I'm somewhat of a non-crafty person, this book has challenged me to make things I never thought I could make! It's very detailed and the picture instructions make it easy. I recommend this to everyone!

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  1. I love the "eat this not that books" super fun and helpful too.