Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tsunami Update!

Hey lovelies- So I got home around 9:45pm after a quick dinner with my best friend Chasidy (whom I like to call B.Davis, for all you OTH fans) and as soon as we walk in the door, the TV is gleaming with video of the devastation in Japan. Then we find out that Hawai'i is in a "Tsunami watch"...five minutes later, it's upgraded to a Tsunami Warning and all Civil Defense sirens go off. 
The news just said that Kaua'i would be the first island to be hit. That's the island I live on. Pray for us! But most of all, pray for Japan!
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Love to you all.

It was a long night! We slept for a few hours, woke up and glued our eyes to the local news channel. The generated tsunami that was making it's way to Hawai'i, was supposed to hit Nawiliwili Harbor first. I live a minute down the road from this harbor (scary!). Surprisingly enough, we didn't have to evacuate (mostly because we're a little higher than the harbor) so we stayed put and saw the devastation unravel in Japan and watched our own ocean recede every 15 minutes.
I said all of that to tell all you lovelies that my family, the island I call home (Kaua'i) and the state of Hawai'i is doing well. We're currently under a "tsunami watch advisory" instead of the warning.

Thank you for all your Twitter love and prayers. But please, please, please direct your prayer to Japan and for the families of the hundreds  thousands of people who lost their lives.

Love from Hawai'i...


  1. Be safe! I know people in the bay area are freaking out right now, but I don't think they are quite as used to this.

  2. i just happened to find you today...i am thinking of you and wishing you nothing but the best. please be safe ♥