Monday, April 11, 2011

Blessed Beyond Measure

The weekend is gone, again too quickly, and it's back to work! Riley finally returned to the daycare after a 2-week break she and her mama took off for a family vacation. So it was like a breath of fresh air for Kapena boy and myself. He had his partner-in-crime back and immediately "drive-Che'-crazy" commenced. Honestly, it felt great! I love these kids to death. I like to think of it as them training me for my future. Crazy, eh?
It was a bit of a cloudy morning but these sweets wanted to play with their new bouncy balls, so out the door we went. Not even 10am and they were screaming their little heads off and trying to get as close to the road as they could. They had fun and I sure had fun using my Nikon d70 again.
I know you want to hear the story about that. Even if you didn't you don't got a choice :) SO here it is. Nothing was wrong with the camera itself, it was the compact flash card. I about cried when I found out one card would cost me almost $40 (uhh, there are more important things I can buy with food or a really nice shirt I've been eyeing). I google'd like crazy when a miracle happened. Yep, I almost flew off my chair due to immense elation. I put the card in my computer port. Nothing happened. Took it out and stuck it back in the camera ready to give up...then voila! it magically worked. The rest is history. We're reunited and it sure feels sooo good.
Now I got that good quality photos back and I get to buy that shirt I've been drooling over (no pun intended). Ha! Anyways, what I really wanted to share was that I am really really really blessed by God! This past week has been a crazy one (egg hunt prep for the church, tax season, paperwork) and I about lost my mind in a matter of 48-hours over the weekend. But I watched the (awesome) movie Soul Surfer, twice might I add, this weekend and I really began to examine myself and everything happening around me. It was such a great movie portraying, realistically enough, how much courage one girl had after she got her arm taken off by a shark...a Great White. In her prime, she got up, trusted in God and got back in the water...she kept going. And that my friends is what I sometimes struggle to do...and I got both arms, both feet, hot water running, a home and even a car. The worst pain I've experienced is pale in comparison to what Bethany Hamilton went through. I just realized how blessed I am: my parents support me, I have my own business (which I love even if paperwork drives me further up the walls than the kids do), people randomly bless me with lunch, dinner dates and things I need. I am BLESSED! I won't stop saying that. Ever. God is a good God and it's about time I keep going and move forward! 
You can run and tell that. Homeboy.

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