Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dress

uh. it was absolutely stunning. stunn-ing. yeah, you can see a bit of grace kelly but all i saw was total class. i'm guessing that maybe it being the "royal wedding", she couldn't wear a more modern dress? but seriously, that's okay because the lace took the dress to a whole 'nother level. i didn't get to watch the ceremony because it aired at 2am here in hawai'i. i didn't feel like waiting up. but when i woke up, i watched recaps and it was breathtaking! it was beautiful!
but really, i've always wanted to wear an oscar de la renta on my wedding day. pipe dreams i tell ya!


  1. Funny thing is - I didn't really like Kate before the wedding. (not that I've seen her so much beforehand, but oh well)... But she looked gorgeous in that dress, she looked happy and calm and ordinary and dreamy... just like a princess... I really like her now haha!

  2. Oh, she looks so beautiful! She almost looks like a Disney Princess:) See ya in bloggie land!

  3. Kate looked absolutely beautiful!

    Monique xx