Friday, April 8, 2011

Love146: Tread on Trafficking

Hello lovelies, I haven't signed onto blogger for 2 days and that was just plain weird. Paperwork and Easter Egg Hunt duties were calling and I needed to get those things done so I jumped ship for a few days. It was so weird using the computer but not the internet; I never knew paperwork took up that much time! Oh well, everything is filed and I'm ready to announce one of a few special things I've been wanting to share for a while now.

I have a few previous posts talking about an awesome organization that I love called Love 146. You remember now, dontcha?! Good. Now being that I live allll the way in Hawai'i and they being in New Haven, CT, I can't jump on a bus and work for them (or intern for that matter), so I always wanted to find a way to work alongside them along with others from my community. Enter Tread on Trafficking. I was sold from the first word I ever read on Love 146's website and signed up within 5 minutes of learning about this awesome and fun way to raise money and awareness about child sex slavery and exploitation (their purpose/mission). To join my team or donate click here or here.

I'm so excited about doing this. Okay, so you must be wonderin' "What exactly is this project?" Well not to worry peeps, I'm about to explain all it's goodness. By being a Treader and apart of a team (either one you are the captain of, which you create OR join), you get to choose to walk, run, hike, swim or bike (or all) for this cause. You go out, get people to sponsor you, spread the word, recruit people from the community (or it can be a solo act) and you raise the money for Love146. It's so simple and easy to do!

As for our Kauai group, our goal as of right now is to raise $2,000. We plan on walking a bike path along the east coast of Kaua'i (phase 2, orange). It's roughly 4.1 miles in one direction and about 8 miles two ways. A lot of planning is still going on; more information will be added weekly.
Love146 has hundred's of girls who they rehabilitate after they've gone through horrific situations ready to learn and put both of their feet forward to continue in life. Many (many) of us haven't ever been through half of what they have, so let's help and put both our feet forward and put our foot down to end child sex slavery and exploitation. If all you can do is donate to a TOT team or directly to Love146, do it. If you can do both, do them both.

Let's see this horrible crime of turning children and women into commodities abolished. It starts with you. 
For more info go to

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