Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lunchtime Inspiration

 It was 11 am and I was completely enamored with endless inspiration. Yes, endless as in "not-quite-sure-when-it'll-go-away-this-time" kind of inspiration.
I got up this morning and had so much things on my mind that I just pushed them to the side. My thoughts won today and my art journal--actually it's just my regular journal, art journal sounds so much better--was so happy that I was pasting things on it's 100% recycled paper.
It usually takes me a few days to really finish a piece that I'm doing, but this is all I got so far...
only because it was lunch time and I had 2 crazy kids waiting to eat!

We cooled off with ham sandwiches, oranges and homemade lemonade.
My lemonade sure made them sleepy because they are currently snoring without caution.
Oh, and this homemade recipe... 5 large lemons, sugaaa and some water. Mix to your taste.
Easiest recipe ever, hence the reason I made it ;).


  1. Ooh, I could go for some of that lemonade right now. I might make mine with more lemons cause I just took, like, an hour nap (like five minutes ago), and my mind is still super tired. So more lemons might wake me up a little bit more:) {you: wow this girl sure rambles a lot} *bye*

  2. Art journal ah that's so cute! :)

  3. I think that is great having an art journal to express yourself

  4. Lemonade sounds lovely! Found your blog from Scenic Glory and Im a new follower. Plus I'm Hawaiian :).

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